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Eiger (pick-up or ship)


For generations of mountain climbers, ascending the menacing North Face of the Eiger has been the ultimate challenge. Our flagship chocolate is the perfect treat to inspire those trying to overcome their own challenge.

Our Eiger chocolate was developed using 3D printing technology to precisely contour the real face of the mountain.

Almond gianduja with orange caramel crunch. Manufactured with almonds from California. Available in gift boxes of 4 or 9 Eiger chocolates. Choose all dark Eiger chocolates, or an assortment of half dark, half milk Eiger chocolates (2&2, 4&5).


Allergen Information: tree nuts, dairy


Net. Wt.  1.4 oz.  (40 g)   box of 4

Net. Wt.  3.1 oz.  (90 g)   box of 9

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