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Interested in a flavorful team-building event? Stretch your creative and culinary muscles with one of our workshops. We can incorporate any form of team building, competition & goal-setting, built around your desired learning objectives. At the end of your workshop, top off the day with our chocolate masterclass or a tasting.

Artisanal Chocolates


Ideal for 15 to max. 20 people and takes place over one and a half to two hour session. Divided into teams, you will be given a set number of ingredients and tasked with developing a chocolate product.


The possibilities here are endless and we are open to any suggestions from your end on how you would like to structure the activity!

Person creating chocolates


Good for up to 15 people - A guided two-hour course where we provide each individual with the ingredients and teach how to create a certain chocolate product. Everyone will be leaving the class with the finished product, nicely wrapped and boxed.


Some things we may teach you to make include:

  • Chocolate bars with colored design

  • Hand-rolled chocolate truffles

  • Chocolate lollipops

  • Holiday-themed chocolates

And many more…

Assorted Artisanal Chocolates


Bring up to 20 people to our store and production kitchen to see how our products are made first hand. We will demonstrate aspects of our production and display some of our machines in action. At SWEET55 we practice a ‘Tasting is Believing’ approach so your group will receive a spread of our products to sample and digest, along with a flute of sparkling wine to complement the flavor.

To find out more about a chocolate masterclass or to arrange a fun team building activity please call us at 650.440.4330 (Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 5pm PDT) or use the Contact form.

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