Sweet55 Palo Alto Grand Opening!

Palo Alto, Town & Country Village, Friday June 24, 3-5pm!


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Manufacturing the finest Swiss chocolates outside of Switzerland is our privilege. Embracing our Swiss culinary heritage and working exclusively with sustainable Swiss grand cru chocolate, we produce all products freshly and in small batches on the California coast in Half Moon Bay.  

We invite you to visit our stores, online or physical, where chocolates and confections are available individually or in boxed assortments. Indulge for your own enjoyment, or have us ship a beautifully packaged gift anywhere in the Continental United States.

Quality and sustainability reign supreme at SWEET55, and as such preservatives have no place within our products.


Ursula Schnyder, Chief Chocolate Officer

In order to be on fire, you have to burn for something.


My fire was ignited when I was a little girl growing up in Switzerland. Every day, when I came home from school, my mother would hand me a small piece of high-end Swiss chocolate. It was my daily indulgence, and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.


When I moved to the US, I wanted to recreate that simple pleasure - and so SWEET55 was born. 


Our team works with the world's most sustainable Swiss vendors to source the highest-grade materials for our products. These vendors pay their cacao suppliers above-average prices to grow, harvest and process the purest chocolate you can find.


Once it reaches SWEET55, our Swiss-trained chocolatiers use it to create our ever-evolving suite of confections, so you can enjoy them with a happy heart.



SWEET55. Enhancing the Essence of Chocolate.

Ursula Schnyder
Sofi silver.png
sofi Award Winner 2021
FCIA Member - Fine Chocolate Industry Association
Good Food Awards Winner 2018 & 2019


Depicts the Eiger mountain, my backyard while growing up in Switzerland. This pinnacle that also happens to be our flagship product represents SWEET55's incredible journey upwards and comprises our philosophy - ascending towards your goals may come with a difficult climb, but the view from the top is worth the hike.