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Go Gadget Go!

In 2015, SWEET55 was finally introducing the Rolls Royce of​ Chocolate​ Making.

The gadget that we lovingly called our ​Rolls Royce of chocolate making​ had arrived in the New World.​ We were referring to our brand new German chocolate coating machine, and ​our excitement over its arrival could not have been bigger. The coater was by far the fanciest addition ever to grace​ our kitchen, and we knew it would simplify, quicken, and perfect​ our enrobing ​process​.

I always knew we would get ​here,​ but ​it took ​three​ years of perseverance. When I say perseverance, I mean something along the lines of dipping thousands of chocolate ganache pieces - by hand​. ​Not only is it a time-intensive process, but​ ​it can be a​ lonely task. There were days when, just for fun, I found myself in a chocolate-dipping contest with my alter ego. Time and space disappeared, leaving me completely focused on dipping ​more quickly and ​creating​ more perfectly enrobed chocolates every time. If repetition has a meditative quality, dipping 900 chocolates ​per day might as well be the road to nirvana​.

There is a rhythmic quality to the process: ​load ​ganache onto three-pronged fork, throw it​ he​ad-first​ into couverture, ​load it​ back onto fork, dip it​, remove it​ ​through​ series of quick upward​ motions, ​transport it​ to edge of chocolate warmer​,​ tap it​ to ​eliminate​ excess chocolate​,​ transfer it​ onto silicon paper to dry​, and repeat.​ ​It takes about 20 to 30 seconds to enrobe a single piece before the cycle starts again.

Do we ever look back to our hand-dipping days and get nostalgic? We're not​ sure about that, but the faster we work the "Rolls Royce", the more we miss ​our daily meditation​.​ Modern Times...



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