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Branded DCG Bar


Make our 2019 Good Food Award winner your next branded gift!


The DCG, a three layered Swiss twist of the modern-day snack bar contains three layers:


Dacquoise - An egg-white hazelnut-based biscuit


Caramel - A light caramel seasoned with salt from the Swiss Alps


Gianduja - A soft creamy blend of chocolate & hazelnut


Allergen Information: dairy, eggs, tree nuts


Net Wt. : 2.1 oz. (60 g)


Note: two additional fees will apply when you order this item, a one-time tooling fee and a manufacturing fee for your cacao butter logo.

Order early: Allow three to four weeks for manufacturing of cacao butter prints!


Typical Tooling Fee (approx.): $85

Manufacturing Fee (approx.): $100 per 800 prints of one color, each additional color is an extra $60


For all customization inquiries, including custom hang tags or cards, email us.