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Airbrushed Chocolate Bar


Whoever said chocolate wasn't art? We say it is, and every now and then we need to satisfy our own creative itch. So we offer you our Summer and Winter bar, a dazzling mural of color on a canvas of dark chocolate. No two bars in this line will ever be exactly the same as each bar is handcrafted and airbrushed by our in-house chocolatiers. Now you can be sure you're enjoying something completely original.


And yes, the bars were developed with the starving artists in mind. Artists starving for chocolate, to be exact.


Order early! Depending on the number of bars in your order, allow one to two weeks for production in the spring, summer and fall, and two to four weeks for production in November and December. Contact us to confirm your required pickup/shipping date before placing your order.


Size: 8 x 8"

Net Wt: 10.6 oz. (300 g)


Each bar is packed in a clear gift box.